Over 30 Years as the Original Manufacturer of
Water Hydraulic Boat Lifts

The World's Most Environmentally Friendly Boat Lift!

Powered by freshwater, supplied by a typical garden hose.

Normal water pressure lifts the boat . . . water your grass or plants with the lift exhaust.
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No Hydraulic Oil Cylinders!

  • Aqua-Lift® leaves your boat out of the water and stationary without use of bumpers and tie-off lines to protect your boat from being banged against the dock

  • Completely powered by the low-maintenance dependability of hydraulic cylinders operated by water pressure from a common garden hose

  • Aqua-Lift® is available in sizes and capacities to fit boats from 12 to 40 feet long and weighing up to 6 tons

  • All components are hot dip galvanized steel constructed for corrosion resistance and strength

Family owned and operated since 1982. Big or small, Aqua Lift® will lift them all. We are the original manufacturer of water hydraulic boat lifts. Call for a free brochure. Mention you saw the website...

We are the Original Inventor and manufacturer of the worlds first water hydraulic boat lift, the Aqua Lift®. We use the pressure of your common garden hose for the operation of our lifts. We do not use any type of oil which is hazardous to the water ways.

We have the cleanest, simplest, and easiest boat lift to operate on the market, as we do not use motors, cables or pilings. We also have the lowest maintained lift on the market. Aqua-Lift® works equally well in fresh water or salt water.